The work we do in Burundi is on a voluntary basis. To be able to pay for our living expense we are depending on donations. If you want to a part of our support team and our work, we would love to ask you to support us on a monthly basis. 

You are able to support is in this way

For Dutch citizens

We have the possibility to do our finances through our church. Shelter Haarlem has an ANBI status. You can give by transferring the money to the account of Shelter Haarlem.

The information is the following:


IBAN: NL 61 INGB 0001851622

Tnv: Shelter Haarlem

With description: project Burundi


Description donation

In the description you have to mention project Burundi. If you do not do this, it will be used for the general projects of our congregation.

One-time donation

If you give once, you can do this by transferring once to the account above.

Monthly donation

If you want to make a monthly donation, you can do this by making an automatic transfer. You do this by adjusting the frequency of your donation. If you prefer you can also add an end date to it. 

Anominous donation

We periodically receive a printout of the donations that are given through Shelter. If you prefer to give anonymously, you can do this by stating “Anonymous” after “Project Burundi” in the description. Then your name will not be linked to the donation you give and your donation will remain anonymous.

People who live outside of Holland

If you are not a dutch citizen given works a bit differently. Please contact us via email and we can look together for a possibility to be part of our support team.

Thank you for your support

We really want to thank you for your support and we view you as a part of our mission team. We would also love to know who you are. Therefore we want to ask you to fill in this form with questions about yourself. With this we hope to be able to maintain further contact with you.