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Our story

Hello! We are Laura and Jochem. After completing missionary training school at Global Frontier Missions in America, God is leading us to Burundi. When we were younger, we already felt a deep passion to share the gospel and to bring justice to the world. We feel really blessed that we are able to give hands and feet to this passion in Burundi through One Collective. One Collective works together with a foundation called Yada. Yada works with people that are less socially accepted to help become self-sufficient. We hope we can support people with their needs, but above all we hope to share the love of God.

Burundi is a country in East-Africa and borders with Tanzania, Congo and Rwanda. Not long ago, Burundi became a victim of a civil war that left deep scars within its society. Within Burundi there are 3 people groups. These are the Hutus, the Tutsis and the Twa. The Twa is the smallest group and socially speaking, they are standing on the sideline. 


About Burundi

Our work

During our first stay in Burundi we came in contact with Dan and Tambry, an American couple who have lived in Burundi for over 20 years. They have had a lot of experience in setting up businesses through empowering local entrepreneurs. Through these businesses there is always a focus on how they can make an impact locally. 

We have got the privilege to work with under them whitin Atlas Energy. A company that has been producing quality coffee the past years. Nevertheless there has always been a dream of starting producing essential oils and selling the coffee locally. This is where we come in. We will be helping with setting up and shaping these 2 new companies.