Blessed with our new home

September 4th, Mutambu, Burundi

Our beautiful view from our balcony

Since 3 weeks we are enjoying our new home in Bujumbura. We feel blessed with feeling at home here and that the house is secure. That is worth a lot in a country that is not your own. Every week we learn more and more Kirundi and every week we are faced with new cultural differences. It can be a huge challenge, but because of all the differences we are learning so much about our personality and how to work in a different culture.

We are also happy with getting more relationships with local Burundians, local Indians and other missionairies. Even though our Kirundi is still basic we experience that people value this so much. 

Time flies and that is a good sign. We have done a lot of work lately and still feel that this is the place where God has called us for now. The past weeks we have been shooting photos and videos to collect stories of some of the farmers Migoti Coffee is buying the coffee from. The green beans are almost ready to be exported and the buyers will use this footage for their customers. The farmers are living on 8 different hills/communities, which means that we have been hiking a lot to visit them all. This also confronted us with the knowledge about the distance people have to walk a couple times a week during the season to sell their coffee. Luckily the rainy season hadn't started yet so we didn't slip. Jochem has edited this footage into a beautiful video which we will share next time.

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Interviewing the coffee farmers

A coffee plantation from the air

Interviewing together with Pontien

Slowly more farmers are bringing their lemon grass. This is great, because this means we can start connecting with companies who are willing to buy our oil, which we hope to start the coming weeks. We also called with an essential oil business in Rwanda. It was a huge help to learn from their experiences. In November (when the rainy season has started and the plants can be harvested more often) we hope to visit them for a couple days to learn more from them. Apart from that we really enjoy how our relationships are growing with the employees at Migoti. We hope that this will grow more on a personal level. They are in the end the people that stay long term and can make a huge impact on the community.


Felix explaining about lemon grass

Besides our work in the essential oil business, we will also start working on a waterproject, which will be funded through one of the partners of Migoti. With this project we hope to be able to provide water for the families in the community, so that they don't have to walk the long distances to get to the water points. This way they will have nearby access to water for their lands and household. Laura is also busy writing a grant so that we can use the money for several projects here. 

We also hope to soon start with teaching English to the local Migoti staff. Besides that, the plan is that Jochem will start training the staff with Farming God's Way, so that they can start training the communities the year after. The coffee roaster is on its ways and in the next coffee season (starting in February) we will organize tours on the coffee farm. There are many great plans and we are greatful for all the things where we can help with.

Laura number 1 on the stage

After work and in the weekends we are playing padel and soccer. A few weeks ago there was a Padel championship organized in Burundi. We both participated, but unfortunately Jochem did not make it far in the tournament, but Laura won the women finales and can call herself a Burundian champion in women double. 

We need your prayer to make God’s glory known through the work we are doing. Do you want to pray for the following points?

Prayer points

  • The start of us working in Burundi
  • A blessing over the coffee roaster and the essential oil production.
  • To be able to get our 2 year visa.
  • That we live through Gods power and listen to his voice during the relations that we have and the work we are doing.
  • For further development at Yada and Chibolya and a blessing of the work that is happening there.

Thanking points

  • For re-integrating in Burundi and for all the relationships we have and are building
  • For the progress we have in our Kirundi learning
  • For our new apartment.
  • For celebrating our 3 year anniversary.
  • For finding our place working in Burundi for Dan and Pontien